Lean Management training

To improve conditions for leading an organization toward Lean, Part Development has developed a unique training program comprising a basic package of nine training days scheduled at approximately three-week intervals. The program provides leaders with a sound knowledge of the importance of values, Lean principles, methods and ways of working, and how together these factors contribute to creating sustainable results. In addition to delivering necessary knowledge of Lean, the course also enables participants to develop their own training material, tailored to suit their own organization. Having this tailored training material makes it easier, and gives the leaders the confidence, to transfer knowledge through the organization.

Lean Management training is carried out in two stages. In the first stage, management and key employees are trained by Part Development. In the second stage, these newly trained managers and employees train those under them in the organization. This concept is known as Train the Trainer. The role of Part Development in the second stage is to provide reassurance and support to the trainers—for example, if a trainer feels unable to respond to questions or issues that arise during discussions. In connection with every training session, Part Development provides trainers with feedback so that they continuously develop in their role as trainer.

For those organizations that wish to supplement the basic package, additional modules can be included as needed. These modules will be slotted into the training program where they will be of most benefit so that, insofar as is possible, the desired ways of working will be established within the duration of the training program.