Pulse Meetings and Leader Pulse Meetings

Pulse Meetings are a method of structuring information exchange and decision making where leaders and employees meet and can then act based on frequently and systematically provided information concerning how the operation is going according to plan and what has caused any deviations. The method is an important instrument enabling a leader to:

  • Continually take the pulse of the operation
  • Share and receive information quickly
  • Continually ask employees about ways of working
  • Quickly ensure that short-term solutions are put in place
  • Ensure that work with long-term solutions is included in the improvement work

Pulse Meetings are also beneficial for leaders themselves. Leader Pulse Meetings are essentially Pulse Meetings where the specific topic is deviations from leadership, and where feedback is given on the participants’ leadership.

Part Development has extensive experience in creating, structuring, and improving Pulse Meetings and Leader Pulse Meetings. The starting point is your current position and your improvement needs.