The Game of 5S and Continuous Improvements

The Game of 5S and Continuous Improvements provides an understanding of how to create a well-organized and functional workplace through 5S and continuous improvements. Successfully applying 5S can reduce waste drastically by helping employees to finding materials, tools, and information faster. It has been shown that up to ten hours a week per employee can be wasted in this way. Therefore in many operations the potential for improvement through 5S is vast!In The Game of 5S and Continuous improvements a workplace operation is simulated. The operation produces product variants with different work contents. The participants’ task during the game is to create, with the support of 5S, a well-organized and functional workplace to meet customer demands. Parallel to the game, practical tasks to analyze the participants’ own operations are undertaken. With their newly acquired knowledge participants can see what it takes to establish well-functioning and sustainable efforts with 5S in their workplace. Theory is introduced between rounds of the game, and discussions are held to increase understanding. Suggestions are also made on how a monitoring form and 5S audit could be designed as a support for future work. The game is developed by Part Development.

Theory, discussion, and practical exercises relating to:

  • 5S
  • Improvement work
  • Methods such as the Spaghetti chart, PDCA, and PICK chart
  • Visualizing

Learning objectives
Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively establish 5S in combination with continuous improvements in their workplace and thereby increase efficiency.

Target group: Leaders and employees who want to establish 5S and continuous improvements

Duration: 1 day

Facilitator training:
Part Development offers you the opportunity to purchase your own copy of The Game of 5S and Continuous Improvements. You can buy and play this game without special training on how to run it. For those who wish, however, Part Development can supply training on facilitating the game either in an open program or at your workplace. If you are interested in participating in our training course for game facilitators, send an email to Our one-day facilitator training course (8 hours) for The Game of 5S and Continuous Improvements covers the following:

  • Reviewing the theory presented throughout the game
  • Playing several rounds of the game
  • Reviewing the accompanying booklet “Instructions to facilitator”
  • Practical tips for the trainer facilitating the game

Discussing the game itself as well as the role of the facilitator