Study trips

As part of our desire to inspire and promote learning, we at Part Development arrange study trips to Japan to learn from successful Lean organizations firsthand. During the course of a week we will visit four or five Japanese operations in various branches, all of which have between 10 and 40 years of Lean experience. We have over 60 organizations covering a wide spectrum of operations to choose from.

During the week we will hear about successes and setbacks, and all our visits will allow us to learn from and see Genba (the place where value is created). We also offer a unique opportunity to meet and learn from people who have developed and worked for decades with the Toyota Production System, which is the origin of what we today call Lean. After each visit we take time to reflect on what we have seen and heard and to discuss how we can translate that information into our own workplaces with their conditions and circumstances.  In addition, there will be time during the week for practical training exercises that help us to learn about the principles of Lean. If this opportunity may be of interest to you, please contact us.