Our Values

Part Development’s operations are based on four values: Respect, Happiness, Learning, and Sustainability. These values guide our employees to behave in the desired way, both internally and externally. Here are just a few examples of what each value means to us:



  • We are honest, sincere, sensitive, and open
  • We have respect for others
  • We have respect for our time and that of our customers
  • We show consideration and acknowledge others
  • We keep our promises
  • We see everyone as equal and give everyone a chance
  • We give feedback


  • We choose happiness by interpreting things positively
  • We are enthusiastic and radiate energy
  • We choose enjoyable assignments
  • We maintain a balance among work, family, and self
  • We are thoughtful and interested in others
  • We have fun together


  • We make use of every learning opportunity that we have
  • We create conditions for development through our shared ways of working
  • We provide a controlled teaching environment where we have respect for our customers and ourselves
  • We assimilate knowledge through structured feedback
  • We ensure that our customers learn so that in time they will be strong without us
  • We develop shared knowledge


  • We ensure that the customer can stand on his or her own two feet
  • We add value
  • We always take the time to build for the future
  • We create a culture for continuous learning
  • We combine work with family and outside interests
  • We have fun at work
  • We have structure