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A unique opportunity for organizations to perform a Lean journey on their own

Step by Step towards a Lean Culture


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What is Lean really about? How should I act as a leader? What is my roll as an employee?

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Leaders´ understanding of Lean and leadership are crucial to be able to establish a Lean culture in an organization. Therefore, Part Development has devised a comprehensive training program for leaders. This training program builds on the concept of Train the Trainer.

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Improving an operation entails a number of challenges. To ensure improvements and not merely changes, a proper analysis and an action plan are normally required before the implementation phase begins. Part Development can provide support all the way from identifying improvement needs and -possibilities to implemented improvements.

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In order to further support your improvement efforts, Part Development has devised a number of different training materials. The aim of these training materials, comprised of literature, business games and templates, documents, etc., is to further enhance knowledge transfer.

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