Facilitate the improvement journey

Different improvement initiatives and conditions require different types of support. We at Part Development have the ambition to support all businesses whilst taking into consideration the conditions they face. That is why we have written books and developed products that can be used to complement consultant-supported improvement initiatives, but which can also provide guidance for improvement work that you conduct independently.


We have written four books which together have sold over 50,000 copies. Each book focuses on different areas of knowledge and have different target groups. They are well-renowned within the public and private sectors, as well as universities and colleges.

Business simulation games

In our training, we often use business simulation games, most of which we developed ourselves. The purpose of the games is to increase understanding through “learning by doing”. Examples of business games are the Lean game, the Flow game, and the Project game.


Circumstances may require you to embark on the improvement journey independently. To support you with this we have developed, “Do it yourself” training which provides a structured training approach combining theory, discussion questions, and practical exercises. Currently we can offer training in Lean Basic, Lean by Yourself ® and 5S by Yourself™.

Materials to download

To facilitate learning you can download study questions written to accompany three of our books. It is also possible to download questions to help self-assess areas for improvement in relation to Lean leadership and Lean employees. The materials are free to download.