Develop leadership

We at Part Development believe that change needs to start with the leaders. Therefore, we prefer to train organizations by applying the method, “Train the Trainer”. New ways of thinking and new knowledge is transferred to the leaders who in turn transfer this knowledge to their own organization.

We have extensive experience of leadership and leadership development from successful organizations. Here is an example of what we can offer within the area:


A workshop that is primarily aimed at leaders who want to learn more about Lean and get inspiration on how their own operations can be further improved.


A Lean training that provides in-depth knowledge of Lean and what it takes to succeed in leading a business towards Lean. The training includes theory, discussions, “Go & See” exercises, as well as business simulation games, and practical exercises.

Target success!

A practical-oriented training that includes values and breaking down values, goals and breaking them down into sub-goals, pulse meetings, and continuous improvement. This involves holding workshops on site. This not only provides benefits in terms of what the participants learn but also provides a new or improved structure for pulse meetings and continuous improvement.


All change must come from within and that requires leaders to be both secure and confident in their leadership. Leadership coaching can help achieve this. We can tailor coaching to suit you and your organization.


In some respects, leadership can be seen as any other type of operation. This means even leadership to some extent can be planned, standardized, and improved with methods in place to support this. We work with several leadership methods that all have different aims.


Do you have other leadership-development needs requiring another type of support than described here? Please contact us to discuss.