Improve operations

To improve operations requires a great deal from both leaders and employees. To lead correctly from the outset and maintain energy and pace in improvement work, it can be effective to bring in experienced support along the journey.

We at Part Development can support your improvement journey in many ways. Here is a selection of what we can offer:


Based on our in-depth knowledge of Lean we can help you shed light on your operations to identify improvement needs and suggest improvements. We can carry out everything from a quick and comprehensive analysis of a section of your operations to a more in-depth analysis of the entire operation. A business analysis often provides the impetus to start a change journey. It can also be used to inject new energy into ongoing improvement work.


With our many years of experience in supporting transformation projects, we can contribute with change management, in-depth Lean knowledge, and training leaders and employees, etc., so that goals can be achieved within a specified time.


Sometimes it is individual processes that prevent an operation from achieving its goals. We can help you to take a deep dive into these processes, for example, to improve quality, increase capacity, increase productivity etc. We understand the solution lies in the details.


It is not uncommon for flow to create problems even if the processes are working. We have extensive experience of flow development and can support you with everything from layout to flow control to achieve simple, visual, and predictable flows with short lead times.


Continuous improvement is an effective way of working that involves taking small steps to improve operations based on deviations and improvement proposals. We can help you create a simple yet effective structure for continuous improvement where everyone in the organization can contribute.


Various methods can be useful in improvement work and have the advantage of providing relatively fast results in a defined area. We at Part Development can support you with the right method for the right results.


Do you have other operational improvement needs requiring further types of support than described here? Please contact us to discuss.