Target Success – How to succeed with pulse meetings and continuous improvement

The book presents an effective structure for sustainable performance improvement and enhanced goal achievement. It describes how you can step-by-step establish effective pulse meetings and employee-driven improvement work that focuses on the right things and that leads to the desired results. The structure includes concretization of the business’s values, creation of effective goals and the design of an appropriate structure for pulse meetings and continuous improvement, respectively.

Lean – Turn deviations into success!

This book provides an in-depth understanding of Lean, both regarding Lean principles and how to create a Lean culture. The focus is on creating and understanding the Lean mindset as well as what is needed from leaders and employees to achieve the desired results.

Leadership – Making lean a success!

Explains practically and in concrete terms what characterizes successful leadership in an operation striving towards Lean. It also presents several leadership principles and methods which contribute to paving the leader’s way forward.

Employees’ guide to success – Improve with Lean!

Provides an easy-to-read description of the central aspects of Lean and is suitable for all employees in an organization. The focus is on simple but tangible descriptions of standardization and continuous improvement. It is these aspects of Lean which impact everyone and lays the foundation for a successful Lean culture.